Who Watches the Watcher?

Who Watches The Watcher?

Who Watches the Watcher? This is a topic that crops up from time to time, how do you know that your Systems Management Solution is working correctly. If you haven’t received any alerts from a System or segment of your network is it because the system is working perfectly or that a key component of your Systems Management Solution has failed.

Who Watches the Watcher?

Using our Remote Monitoring and Management system we can remotely monitor the key infrastructure components of your chosen Systems Management Solution, whether you are using Microsoft System Center, NetIQ AppManager or any other Systems Management Solution, or even the Proximex PSIM solution..

We can monitor:-

  • The Core Services on each system which comprises your Systems Management Infrastructure
  • The database performance and availability
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Database size and Fragmentation
  • Automatically restarting any components and services that fail
  • Connectivity to your Systems Management Infrastructure

Should problems be detected we generate Trouble Tickets within our systems, investigate and resolve and , if necessary, alert your IT Team.

Remote Consulting

If required we can also provide remote consulting services to manage the Systems Management infrastructure, working with your change management team to keep the Systems Management Infrastructure Patched and running the latest application versions.

This then leaves your team free to Monitor and Manage your Business IT infrastructure, rather than spending time ‘Watching the Watcher’ and having to be experts in the in-depth workings of your chosen Management Platform.

So who Watches the Watcher? We Do! Complete the Sales Inquiry form to request more details.

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