PSIM Software from Proximex

PSIM Software, Physical Security Information Management Systems, provide similar monitoring and management functionality to System Center Operations Manager and NetIQ AppManager but for Physical Security Systems rather than Server infrastructure Systems.

Imagine being able to manage and monitor your Physical Security Environment, Video, CCTV, Fire Alarms and Intruder Alarms in the same way that you manage your Server Infrastructure. Use the in-built Business Logic to Filter and Escalate Alerts in a consistent manner, think of it like System Center Orchestrator for your PSIM environment.

PSIM Software from Proximex

Surveillint, from Proximex,  was designed using Microsoft .NET and a service-oriented architecture (SOA), the platform can scale to support thousands of sensors and can flexibly support any type of security system. Why SOA? The reality in enterprises is that infrastructure is heterogeneous. And, every enterprise has existing systems to run their business, so “rip and replace” is not practical, nor responsible. Enterprises must respond to business changes with agility by leveraging existing investments. SOA by nature allows enterprises to bridge the old with the new.

The Engineering Team behind the Proximex PSIM Software solution comes from the world of Information Technology (IT) with an average of more than 15 years of experience delivering award-winning, enterprise, distributed IT security and system management solutions at companies including NetIQ. NetIQ is the company behind Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), used in large multinational, mission-critical organizations to monitor the health, availability and performance across multiple systems, applications and network silos.

If your business uses a Systems Management Solution and has multiple locations, or a large site with varied security needs than take a look at the only PSIM Software solution that has been designed and architected by the engineering team behind large Enterprise Systems Management Solutions – Proximex Surveillint.

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