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Firescope Stratis - VMware integration
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Business Service Management

Business Service Management does so much more than a traditional Systems Management solution.

With traditional systems monitoring and management tools, configuration and maintenance can become seemingly never ending projects, consuming considerable resources and time. With FireScope Stratis, every measure has been taken to leverage automation to lift work away from your team.

AKCSL are a certified Firescope Consulting and Delivery Partner

Firescope Stratis provides:-

  • Powerful discovery enables auto-configuration of monitoring of your technology environment.
  • API integration with
    • VMware Virtual Center
    • Cisco UCS Devices
    • NetApp Filers
  • Automated maintenance and elastic scalability eliminates maintenance efforts.
  • Business Service Dashboards
  • The SaaS architecture means that there is no need for dozens of new servers onsite, to run the application, that also require maintenance and configuration.
  • Bi-directional integration enables FireScope Stratis to trigger activity in third-party applications such as ServiceNow and others.

This is all included ‘out of the box’ with no need to keep buying additional modules or feature packs.

Firescope Stratis

Firescope Stratis is a SaaS Business Service Management platform. With Firescope Stratis instead of being inundated with tens or hundreds of technical alerts for a problem, as you would with a traditional Systems Management Platform, you now receive a single alert relating to the Business Service Impact of an issue.

Firescope Stratis turn the world of Systems Management on its head, focusing on the Business Impact of an issue rather than the ten or hundreds of component events. Business Services comprise several items, which can be used to determine the priority of an alert, including the financial cost of a Service Outage. The Business Service Management approach to Systems Management means that operators now have all of the information in front of them to be able to correctly prioritise issues.

In addition to the normal Systems Management data sources, things like:-

  • SNMP
  • Agent Information
  • API Data
  • Database information
  • Performance Counters
  • Event Logs

Firescope Statis also allows you to include Business Metric data from unstructured data sources and to use this as part of the event criteria. This could be information on the number of Website visitors in the past 30 minutes, the number on online banking transactions in the past hour etc.

Now when a problem is detected the operators can instantly see which incident has the largest Business Impact and hence prioritise resources to problem resolution. What’s more, from the Business Service Dashboard,  you can get from the Business Service problem to the Root Cause of the problem in 2 clicks. So not only do you now know which problem to investigate first, but you also get the diagnostic information to help resolve the Root Cause of the incident.

Firescope Stratis API Integration

Firescope Stratis provides API integration though into NetApp Filers, VMWare Virtual Center and Cisco UCS devices. This powerful integration is automatically included for all Stratis customers and allows you to within a couple of minutes of deployment to start visualisation of your VMware, NetApp and Cisco infrastructure, even before you start monitoring and managing it.

Firescope Stratis SaaS Platform

Firescope Stratis is delivered on a Software as a Service platform, meaning that you don’t need to deploy even more infrastructure just to be able to monitor your existing infrastructure.

Do I need to replace my existing Systems Management Platform?

Firescope Stratis includes everything that you need to configure a complete Systems Management and Business Service Management solution. However if you have already invested in another Systems Management Platform then there is no need to replace it. Firescope Stratis can consume data from external data sources, like external Systems Management services, and use them as part of the Business Service Management model.

So even if you use, NetIQ AppManager, Microsoft System Center, BMC Patrol or IBM Tivoli you can still still benefit from using Firescope Stratis as your Business Service Management platform.

You can find out more about Business Service Management with Firescope Stratis on the Firescope Website or by completing our contact form 

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