Control USB Devices

Squadra Technologies

USB Devices are everywhere these days, so how secure is the data on your computer? A couple of years ago it was obvious if someone plugged a USB flash drive into your PC and they were probably going to copy business data onto a USB drive for backup, or to take[…]

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Watch the replay Video of the AccelOps v4 Webinar

Accelops-Combined SIEM and Performance Monitor

Whats new in AccelOps v4? Watch the replay Video of the AccelOps v4 Webinar What’s New In AccelOps 4 from AccelOps on Vimeo. AccelOps adds several industry-leading capabilities to its fourth-generation release: Statistical Anomaly Detection – AccelOps’ new machine-learning algorithm profiles traffic and metrics on all the devices on the[…]

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AccelOps v4 – Combined Security and Performance Monitor


AccelOps v4 combined Security and Performance Monitor provides a single pane of glass for your Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud monitoring solution. AccelOps is the industry’s first monitoring application to integrate security (SIEM), performance and availability monitoring in a single application. AccelOps v4 adds a host of new features to the[…]

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