Control USB Devices

Squadra Technologies

USB Devices are everywhere these days, so how secure is the data on your computer? A couple of years ago it was obvious if someone plugged a USB flash drive into your PC and they were probably going to copy business data onto a USB drive for backup, or to take[…]

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Watch the replay Video of the AccelOps v4 Webinar

Accelops-Combined SIEM and Performance Monitor

Whats new in AccelOps v4? Watch the replay Video of the AccelOps v4 Webinar What’s New In AccelOps 4 from AccelOps on Vimeo. AccelOps adds several industry-leading capabilities to its fourth-generation release: Statistical Anomaly Detection – AccelOps’ new machine-learning algorithm profiles traffic and metrics on all the devices on the[…]

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AccelOps v4 – Combined Security and Performance Monitor


AccelOps v4 combined Security and Performance Monitor provides a single pane of glass for your Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud monitoring solution. AccelOps is the industry’s first monitoring application to integrate security (SIEM), performance and availability monitoring in a single application. AccelOps v4 adds a host of new features to the[…]

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PSIM Software from Proximex

PSIM Software, Physical Security Information Management Systems, provide similar monitoring and management functionality to System Center Operations Manager and NetIQ AppManager but for Physical Security Systems rather than Server infrastructure Systems. Imagine being able to manage and monitor your Physical Security Environment, Video, CCTV, Fire Alarms and Intruder Alarms in the same way that you manage[…]

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